Swift Rill.

Work originally started on the glade in early 2007 (together with Skylark and Kestrel) so that it would be ready for the official opening in June that year. It is best described a narrow passage (hence the term Rill) lined with tall trees; perfect for the interment of ashes.

Whilst it did comprise of a number of trees, these are primarily poplar and arrangements are in hand to introduce a wider variety of native speciemens such as Oak, Willow, Alder etc. This will be done over a number of years but in the meantime, the poplars have matured nicely and provide their own unique character, no more so than when the wind blows.

Rill Information

The site was cleared and consecrated on 7th June 2007
The rill is open for reservations or use.

The site nestles within 60 acres of managed woodland and mainly comprises Poplar trees. The trees have now achieved an impressive level of maturity. The silvery green foliage and rustling leaves give the glade a unique character.

Over the passage of time other native trees will be introduced such as Oak etc and the rill will take on a traditional woodland feel. In the meantime it offers a sanctuary for many different woodland plants and animals which are actively encouraged through good husbandry of the land.