• "More than just a memory"

    A natural woodland burial surrounded by trees and wildlife; as nature intended. Our tranquil glades offer a permanent home. An idyllic solution to the problems facing todays society.

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    part of woodland animation. the hand protecting the trees of the burial ground
    part of animated logo, white tree symbolising what we protect
    A lasting legacy
    ...as nature intended
    Entrance to the woodland burial ground in keysoe
  • Protected Status

    One of only two woodlands in the UK that are protected for all time. The woodland first received consecrated status back in 2007, guaranteeing its future and ensuring those that lay their heads here, do so in peace and tranquility.

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    Guaranteed Protection
    ...for ever
    woodland path between burial glades
  • Restoring the Balance

    With deforestation and the destruction of natural habitats, this is our opportunity to help redress the balance. To restore Ancient Woodland and recreate the perfect environment for wildlife to flourish once again.

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    Protecting the Environment
    Supporting Nature & Wildlife
    woodland glade for burial and interment of ashes. Oak, ash, willow and other native trees replenish lost ancient woodland
The St. Albans Woodland Burial Trust was born out of necessity and a desire to do the right thing; to help redress the injustices inflicted on nature, to combat the effects of deforestation, alleviate pressures on the environment and offer people an eco friendly alternative to the overcrowded church cemeteries. We are looking to turn back the clock, restore native woodland and together, make a difference - a truly natural, environmental solution.
Whilst the woodland resides in the extensive St Albans Diocese, from which it takes its name, it is open to everyone in the UK.
The forest enjoys a rare protected status ensuring that it will become one of tomorrow's ancient woodlands, guaranteed.
With 12 acres of managed woodland already under our control and the capacity to expand to 60 acres, the future is now...
A burial or interment here allows you to become one with nature in a stunning woodland setting, protected and guaranteed for all time.