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Home Page - A Natural Woodland Cemetery for Burials and Interments.
About the Trust and charitable status
Our Trustees
Our Staff
About the Woodland - Information
Historical Woodland Timeline
The woodlands protected status - Consecration
Woodland Glades - detailed information about each glade
Infrastructure Projects
Woodland Burial - Video Gallery
Keysoe Village - Woodland Burial Grounds
Latest News
More to Death - Magazine
Friends of the St Albans Woodland Burial Trust
How to Contact Us
Visit the cemetery at the Woodland Burial Grounds in Keysoe
Funeral Directors Local
Funeral Booking Form
Funeral Costs
How to organise a woodland burial / funeral / interment
Planning a funeral in advance
Why choose a woodland burial?
Examples of eco-friendly coffins, urns and caskets
Eco Vases to hold graveside flowers
Environmentally friendly Memorial Plaques, Benches and Trees
Funeral Reception Local
Book of Remembrance
Find Woodland Burial Sites - maps and locations of natural burial sites across the UK
Useful, funeral related links
Ministry of Justice - Natural Burial Grounds Guidance for Operators
All our downloads on one page
Terms and Conditions
Woodland Burial \ Frequently Asked Questions
Privacy Policy
Consecration service - Protecting the woodland
Eco friendly coffins for green woodland burials
Eco friendly burial caskets for funerals
Choosing an eco friendly, biodegradeable Urn for someones Ashes (Page 1)
Choosing an eco friendly, biodegradeable Urn for someones Ashes (Page 2)
The 2007 Consecration Service
The 2014 Consecration Service
Skylark Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Kestrel Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Swift Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Robin Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Curlew Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Goldcrest Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Linnet Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Wren Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Dove Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Owl Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Lark Woodland Glade Keysoe
Bullfinch Woodland Glade Keysoe
Chaffinch Woodland Glade, Keysoe
Nightingale Woodland Glade, Keysoe
St Albans Woodland Burial Trust - Accounts 2016
St Albans Woodland Burial Trust - Accounts 2015
St Albans Woodland Burial Trust - Accounts 2014
St Albans Woodland Burial Trust - Accounts 2013
St Albans Woodland Burial Trust - Accounts 2012
Funeral Booking Form
Natural Burial Grounds Guidance - Latest version
Complete Woodland Booklet
Tri-fold Woodland Leaflet - a condensed version of the Complete Woodland Booklet
Guide for burial ground managers
Printable directions from Bedford to the Woodland at Keysoe
Our ANBG certificate
Application form to join the Friends of the Woodland
Select a coffin in advance - Choose a Coffin Form
Newsletter 1 - Autumn 2007
Newsletter 2 - Spring 2008
Newsletter 3 - Spring 2009
Newsletter 4 - Spring 2010
Newsletter 5 - Summer 2011
Newsletter 6 - Summer 2012
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Newsletter 10 - Summer 2016
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