When it comes to Funerals, whether you are planning your own or someone elses, you can guarantee that there will always be plenty of help and support - so long as you know where to look and who to ask... some of these links will help you and from them you will discover even more information. Don't forget that we are here for you should you want to chat about it.

Name (including website links) Description
Government Information Information from the Government on the steps you need to take when someone dies. Everything is here and an essential read.
Find a Register Office Service provided by Government to locate a Register Office near you.
Carriage Hire A local company with a beautiful horse drawn hearse restored to original condition. An extremely fine vehicle of quality, can be pulled either with a team of four horses or a pair.
The Arbory Trust The only other consecrated woodland burial site in England. Woodland burial, where one can lay in peace and tranquility amongst an increasingly beautiful, natural setting which their family and friends may return to with pleasure as the years pass.
Ecoffins UK Premier manufacturer and supplier of eco friendly coffins and urns in the UK. Our products are made to the highest possible standards of quality and ethical production and include beautiful coffins, caskets and urns (including shrouds) made from Bamboo, Banana, Cardboard, English Willow, European Willow, Pandanus, Pine and traditional Wood.
The Somerset Willow Company Our Somerset willow coffins make the perfect lasting footprint for the environmentally conscious individual seeking to have a greener send-off. All of our willow coffins are lovingly handmade and finished in our Somerset workshops by one of our experienced basket makers using willow grown locally on the Somerset levels.
J C Atkinson & Son The Natural Choice - Our coffin ranges cover all types of coffin from traditionally styled wooden coffins to wicker, from expressional picture coffins to more sensitive and softer coffins such as our Seagrass, Banana Leaf, Water Hyacinth, Wool, Willow and Bamboo coffins.
Colourful Coffins Colourful Coffins, the UK's leading supplier of custom design picture coffins for burial and cremation. We work with individuals, families and funeral directors to produce uniquely personal and bespoke picture coffin designs that celebrate the life of a special person and provide, what many of our customers have termed, a 'last gift'.
The Natural Death Centre If you are looking for help, support, advice or guidance planning a funeral, either for yourself or for someone close to you, the Natural Death Centre Charity is here for you. Independent funeral advice on all types of funeral choices, especially known for advice & support on family-organised, environmentally-friendly funerals, and Natural Burial Grounds.
St Mark's Church, Bedford Directly supporting the St Albans Woodland Burial Trust, an active church community of the Church of England.
Cruse Bereavement Care Promotes the well-being of bereaved people and to enable anyone bereaved by death to understand their grief and cope with their loss. The organisation provides support and offers information, advice, education and training services.
National Association of Funeral Directors No one ever wants to organise a funeral but when the inevitable happens it is reassuring to know that a National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) member firm will guide you through the process and help you make arrangements at what can be a very upsetting time.
British Institute of Funeral Directors The B.I.F.D was formed in 1982 by a group of highly experienced, qualified Funeral Directors to provide an organisation which cared for professionally qualified individuals working within the Funeral Industry. The Institute's main aim is to promote education services within the profession.Membership has now grown to over 1600 members and students.
The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors SAIF was established in 1989 and represents more than 870 privately owned, independent funeral homes across the UK. By choosing a SAIF member, bereaved families can be assured of a compassionate, professional approach, under pinned by our industry leading Code of Practice.
Bereavement Register Helping to stop unwanted direct mail to the deceased. If someone you know has died, we can reduce the amount of unwanted marketing post being sent to them, stopping painful daily reminders. By registering with our free service, the names and addresses of the deceased are removed from mailing lists, stopping most advertising mail within as little as six weeks.
Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management The ICCM provides policy and best practice guidance to Burial and Cremation authorities. It represents its Corporate members at government level. The ICCM is the only provider of accredited education and training opportunities for those persons working within the service.
Funeral Costs Help After the passing of a loved one, arranging their funeral can be overwhelming. Knowing what costs to expect will help you make better decisions and can relieve any unnecessary stress.
Sussex Willow Coffins Sussex Willow Coffins are handmade by an artisan wicker weaver in Sussex, using locally sourced Willow and timber. Naturally biodegradable and sustainable they contain no glues or toxins and are ideally suited to natural burials, as well as cremations and traditional funerals.
  1. This list is by no means exhaustive as there are many sources of useful information out there. However, we have included the main ones that we come across regularly and which we know people have used.
  2. As third parties we have no control over the content or their websites or their terms and conditions. So please ensure that you are happy with any arrangements you enter into. Clearly if you have any questions that you feel we can help with, then just contact us.
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