Remembering our Loved Ones

We understand people may wish to visit the
graveside of their loved ones and in many
cases, leave flowers in tribute. We provide
special biodegradable vases for just this
purpose, specially commissioned and made
from a renewable source of bamboo...

eco friendly graveside vase for woodland burials

Respecting the environment - Flowers and Vases

The Trust has to tread a fine line when considering the needs of the environment, the wishes of the departed and the understandable emotions of bereaved.

The overriding factor though and what drives the Trust is the reason we are all here, to protect the environment and ‘give something back’ to nature.

With this in mind and in response to demand for a container that would display flowers at a grave, we explored a number of alternative solutions. We finally settled on Bamboo Vases. These Bio-pots are hand made by Neil Kinselly and retain water perfectly. They can be sunk into the ground to avoid damaging the mowers when cutting the grass, then biodegrade harmlessly and gracefully over a long period of time.

The 'Woodland Rules and Regulations' that we have are obviously there for a reason, namely to preserve the local environment. We cannot risk allowing personal planting of shrubs, bulbs, flowers, the use of plastic containers, or delineation of graves.

Instead, the Trust allows one Bio-pot on each grave. If you would like one of these vases then we will be pleased to supply them for £15 (collected from us) or we can post them out for an extra £5. Alternatively, we can supply and fit them in the grave for a total cost of £20.

These rules seek to shape the vision for the woodland and we really do appreciate your co-operation. Thank you for your understanding and keeping the Woodland as simple and as natural as possible; for our enjoyment today and for generations to come.

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