Oak Crosses, Plaques and Memorial Posts


Oak Crosses, Plaques and Memorial Posts

St Albans Woodland Burial Trust recognises the importance which many people attach to an appropriate memorial at a grave. In commercial cemeteries it is common practice for memorials to be erected made from natural stone such as granite, imported across great distances, often from abroad. The Trustees prefer a more sustainable alternative and have authorised the use of wooden memorials which are more sympathetic to a natural woodland.

All memorials are made and installed by Ed Burnet, our designated wood craftsman, and they are finished with a light oil (no varnish or harsh chemicals). They normally take around 12 to 14 weeks to produce from the date of order to installation.

Crosses and Plaques offer limited space and the wording is restricted to a name and date. This allows for the letters to be large enough to read easily and for them to last longer.

Memorial posts (and benches, see below) on the other hand are much larger and offer greater flexibility for both design and wording.

Historically, different formats have been permitted (examples of which can be seen by clicking on the 'dots' under the image on the left - or above if on a mobile device) especially for young children. However, with the exception of the latter, we now only offer those mentioned below.

Please note that the oak is kiln dried and whilst it lasts a long time, inevitably, out in all weathers, the timber will deteriorate. Small cracks often appear in dry weather, closing and becoming less obvious when it rains and the wood swells.


  • Crosses cost in the region of £180.00 to £250.00, depending on the amount of lettering.
  • Plaques cost in the region of £150.00 to £200.00, depending on the amount of lettering.
  • Memorial posts (and benches, see below) are ordered direct from Mr Burnet email address at edstockwood@gmail.com) and are upwards of £400.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to place an order, wish to restore a memorial or simply need any further information.

Memorial Benches

Dedicating Memorials

Memorial Benches

The benches are a wonderful tribute to loved ones. However, they have now reached their maximum limit and no further benches will be added to the woodland at this stage. The woodland will expand with the passage of time, new Glades will open and the limit could well be revised to reflect this, so please check back in the future.

Memorial Trees

Dedicating Trees

Trees with Oak Plaques

Graves are marked simply with a wooden plaque laid on the ground, however if you wish, The Trustees allow the dedication of a tree in memory of somebody who has passed away, together with an optional oak plaque. The tree placed close to the grave becomes a dedicated, living memorial to the loved one who lies nearby. A number of these can be seen at the woodland as you walk by.

You can arrange for the dedication of a tree at the time of a burial or at a later occasion. You can find details about the costs here:- Funeral Costs. Should you opt for the inscribed wooden memorial plaque too, this will be placed beside the tree and is arranged by the Trust for a small additional fee.

Please do give us a call and chat about it, especially if you have any questions.

For example images of the different types, please click on the 'dots' under the image on the left (or above if on a mobile device)

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