A Woodland Video - An insight into our woodland burial ground.

The woodland at Keysoe is an incredible place. Dedicated to the environment, it's helping to restore ancient Oak woodland that once stood here and in turn, local wildlife. We view our efforts as essential during these difficult times - and it is only made possible by like-minded people such as yourselves and that of our volunteers coming together.

It is only a short video, but we encourage people to take a look. As one of only two consecrated woodland burial grounds you will come to understand just how important this is and why we do what we do.

Published 22nd February 2022

We will be bringing you other videos so stay tuned!

Keysoe's Woodland Burial Ground

Woodland Burial 2022

CNN News Article & Video 2021

This is a great article featuring our Trust on CNN. Coverage of this nature is so important as it raises awareness about the natural alternatives - whilst restoring lost woodland, wildlife and fauna in the process.

A woodland burial is so different to those municipal offerings, reducing pollution, cutting costs and offering a sense of tranquillity that is unique to a woodland setting.

The video opens on the CNN website. As a third party we have no control over their content. Image is courtesy of Facebook 2021

News Article

CNN Video placeholder

Kate's Story

It was a tragedy when John Edward Kinns was killed by an electric shock whilst surveying a railway bridge. He was subsequently laid to rest in our woodland on 23 December 2008.

His wife Kate has produced a remarkable video about safety at work, part of which was filmed in the woodland. It is a powerful message about health and safety, and also gives an insight into the grief we feel when death takes from us a special person.

Kate's Story

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