Natural Burial Grounds Guidance for Operators

Ministry of Justice

The interest in and demand for natural burial has grown in recent years as an alternative option for people concerned about the potential environmental impacts of modern funerals. This booklet is aimed at current and potential operators or managers of natural burial grounds in England and Wales.

It provides information and advice to help ensure that operators are i) familiar with the legal and regulatory framework governing natural burial and ii) can provide a high quality service for bereaved people and the wider community.

Environmentally-friendly funeral provision is not only a logical extension of an environmentally-aware lifestyle, but also has broad appeal as an alternative to a conventional cemetery.

Latest Version:- Published 2009

Funeral Directors - Transporting Coffins, Risk Assessment

Risk of Transporting Coffins

Transporting Coffins, Risk Assessment for Funeral Directors

Risk Assessment for Transporting Coffins at St Albans Woodland Burial Ground.

When undertakers are using the woodland burial ground it is expected that they will have undergone training in correct procedures for manual handling commensurate with moving heavy coffins.

This document is a risk assessment, based on the TILE acronym, which we expect all Funeral Directors will understand, is considered important. All users and undertakers must ensure that these are adhered to in order to minimise the inherent risks which must be considered before attempting to move a coffin from a vehicle into a grave.

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