The emphasis of the trust is upon enabling you to do whatever you think is appropriate in terms of the service, arrangements etc. We are here to help you have exactly the funeral which you would like. There are some rules which we have to ensure that the woodland remains a special and beautiful place

  1. The planting of trees and other plants in the burial ground is not permitted and is strictly controlled by the Trust.
  2. No gardening or cultivation whatsoever is permitted. This includes such things as the scattering of bark or chippings, and the introduction of any fencing, kerbs or additional grave marking and ornamentation.
  3. No wildlife shall be introduced into the woodland.
  4. Fresh flowers may be placed in or on the graves, but please remove cellophane, ribbon or other non biodegradable wrappings. The Trustees reserve the right to remove flowers placed on graves as part of routine care and maintenance. Artificial flowers are not permitted and no vases or containers should be left.
  5. One Bio-pot only, supplied by the Trust may be installed on each plot.
  6. It is requested that coffins and caskets be made of natural biodegradable material such as wood and preferably from renewable sources. The Trust must be advised prior to burial if for any reason the coffin does not meet these criteria.
  7. It is requested that bodies should not be embalmed. The Trust should be advised prior to burial if this has taken place.
  8. Graves may be marked by an oak cross or oak memorial supplied by the Trust. There will be no long term permanent markers such as gravestones or headstones. Only one memorial per person is permitted. The Trust does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to memorials.
  9. Any maintenance of plaques, crosses, monuments or benches must have prior approval of the Trust.
  10. The graveside service must be dignified and follow a recognised form of service. The Administrator of the Trust must be advised beforehand and approve any ceremony and the person conducting it, on behalf of the Trustees.
  11. No exhumations will be permitted under any circumstances except by lawful authority.
  12. The Trustees maintain the right to vary the Rules and Regulations at any time.
  13. No refunds are made
  14. The Trust reserves the right to remove any items left near any grave considered by any trustee to be inappropriate for woodland burial.