Harrier, Woodland Glade.

Harrier Glade is part of the additional woodland we acquired in June 2014. The glade itself wasn't commissioned until 2017. Choking weeds and thickets were removed to encourage the return of woodland plants, trees were removed that had succumbed to disease and sturdy native stock replanted.

The clearance revealed a diverse selection of native tree species which we have been nurturing ever since. They look well established already and will make a fitting contribution to a mature and ancient woodland of the future.

Access is via one of the tree lined avenues which it shares with other woodland glades - Chaffinch, Nightingale, Nuthatch, Lapwing, Pipit and Swallow.

Glade Information

If you plan to visit the woodland, our glade map will help you get around. You can downloaded a copy to your device for later referral and/or print one off at your leisure. Alternatively, if you are familiar with 'what3words' simply follow this link:-
The site was consecrated in June 2014, commissoned in 2017 and opened in 2018. The glade is expected to reach capacity and close in 2022.
The glade is nearing full capacity.

The site nestles within 60 acres of managed woodland and includes a wide range of native tree species including oak, mountain ash and maple. Although relatively young, the trees already look impressive and the autumn colours are spectacular.

The glade is well positioned to mature into one of tomorrow's ancient woodlands, bringing with it wonder and fascination for future generations and a multitude of different habitats for fauna and wildlife - all of which are actively encouraged through good husbandry of the land.

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