Wagtail, Woodland Glade

This is quite a special little glade. It has been created for those wishing to bury the ashes of a loved one. The glade offers an intimacy with nature unparalleled by any others due to its high concentration of trees and the Holly hedges that surround it. A thick crown will develop with the passage of time, offering shelter and sanctuary to wildlife below.

Glade Information

If you plan to visit the woodland, our glade map will help you get around. You can downloaded a copy to your device for later referral and/or print one off at your leisure. Alternatively, if you are familiar with 'what3words' simply follow this link:-

Whilst the site was consecrated on 7th June 2007 it took another 11 years for the groundworks to start. The Ashes only glade subsequently opened for use in 2019 and reached capacity in 2022.

The glade was closed once it reached capacity in 2022.

The site nestles within 60 acres of managed woodland and comprises a wide range of native trees. The trees have already achieved an impressive level of maturity.

Over the passage of time the glade will take on a traditional woodland feel and its dense planting will offer a sheltered and secure sanctuary for wildlife as it evolves and becomes part of the ancient woodlands of tomorrow.

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