Officially opened in 2014 together with 5 other Glades which are all reached from a central avenue of trees running the length of the woodland.

The Glade comprises a variety of stunning woodland trees including Oak, Maple and Rowan, all of which are growing strongly and contributing to that tranquil serenity you associate with forestry land.

Glade Information

The site was cleared and prepared in the Spring of 2014 and subsequently consecrated in June 2014.
The glade is open and although some plots are taken or reserved there are still plenty available.

The Glade nestles within 60 acres of managed woodland and mainly comprises Oak and other native species. The trees have now achieved an impressive level of maturity already and it doesn't take much imagination to envisage the ancient woodland it will become in the future.

It is the nearest Glade to the entrance of the woodland and offers a sanctuary for many different woodland plants and animals which are actively encouraged through good husbandry of the land.