The Woodland Glades

The woodland is divided up into a number of Glades and Rills (the latter taking its name from a narrow stream). Together they form the backbone of our Woodland and allow the Trust to expand at a manageable rate. Each area offers its own unique charm in addition to offering a wide diversification of natural flora, fauna and wildlife - just click on a photo above to learn about your chosen Glade/Rill and to view its associated image library.

The Glades and Rills have come a long way since our first ones were opened in 2007. Already the trees are maturing nicely and it doesn't take much imagination to visualise the Ancient Woodland of tomorrow.

All the areas are managed and maintained on a regular basis, including the replacement of some of the existing trees with a variety of different species such as Oak, Willow and Alder as they age or succumb to damage/disease.

A number of new Glades are being prepared for 2018 - Woodpecker has already come online and Merlin will follow shortly. Details will be added to the index above once full details are known, for now, just ask if you are interested and we will be happy to help.